Club 21 NY Mets

On June 20th the Lindy Loo Foundation took thirty five guests on their first LLF trip to Citi Field for the NY Mets v. Washington Nationals baseball game. The foundation had a bus pick the group up at Sandy Lanes in Malverne for the ride to the stadium. When the group finally reached their seats they were pleasantly surprised to learn they would see the game from the Empire Suites!

The Empire Suites, located on Citi Field’s exclusive all-suite level, offer intimate luxury, comfort, and views from a superior vantage point, just above the Field Level. It’s the perfect setting to mix business and pleasure, with a climate-controlled or open-air ballpark experience and access to a state-of-the-art private business center and auditorium.

Inside the suite, the group was welcome to an assortment of Buffalo wings, hot dogs, chips, salad, French fries, peanuts, cookies and non-alcoholic drinks. The group also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Met as well as being welcomed by the Mets via the video display board.

Unfortunately the day fared much better for the foundation than it did for the NY Mets. The NY Mets lost the game 13-2 but that did not hamper the spirits of the Lindy Loo Foundation and its guests.


Cradle of Aviation

On November 24th, the Lindy Loo Foundation took twenty five guest on a LLF trip to the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City. The foundation had a bus pick the group up at Sandy Lanes in Malverne for the ride to the museum. The group was welcome to the museum with open arms before having a delicious lunch and catching an exciting IMAX movie about plane races!

The Cradle of Aviation Museum is an aerospace museum located in East Garden City, to commemorate Long Island’s part in the history of aviation. It is located on land once part of Mitchel Air Force Base which, together with nearby Roosevelt Field and other airfields on the Hempstead Plains, was the site of many historic flights. In fact, so many seminal flights occurred in the area that by the mid-1920s the cluster of airfields was already dubbed the “Cradle of Aviation“, the origin of the museum’s name.

The Lindy Loo Foundation President Ellen Cunningham and Vice President Elizabeth Cunningham were both in attendance for the event. “We decided to choose the Cradle of Aviation Musuem to provide entertainment and to educate the LLF guests about the extensive history of Long Island aeronautics. Everyone had a great time and we look forward to the next event!” commented the President Ellen.

In coordination with Nassau County AHRC, the Lindy Loo Foundation has also purchased 100 tickets for both the adult and child programs to attend the museum and IMAX theatre at their leisure. These trips will be coordinated and staffed by AHRC with the Lindy Loo Foundation covering all ticketing costs. Through this new venture and partnership, the Lindy Loo Foundation looks to provide more social events to mentally challenged people on Long Island.


Other Disbursements

In our inaugural year of fundraising the Lindy Loo Foundation also donated to The Mid-Hudson Valley Camp ESOPUS for special needs children.

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