Revitalizing Purpose: The Lindy Loo Foundation’s Journey to Renewed Mission

The Lindy Loo Foundation teamed up with the Spirit of Huntington Art Center to revamp its brand and website. Together, they redefined the foundation’s mission, vision, and values, infusing them with passion and purpose.

Their goal was to create a world where service transcended barriers, where every voice was heard, and where hope flourished.

With renewed values guiding them, they focused on building a more visible presence and crafting a user-friendly website that showcased their mission and engaged the community.

Their efforts culminated in the unveiling of a new website—a symbol of their commitment to making a difference and honoring Linda Ann Cunningham’s legacy.

With the support of the Spirit of Huntington Art Center, they were ready to embark on this new chapter, filled with hope and endless possibilities. Lindy Loo began the process to revitalize its look and mission late last year, choosing the Spirit of Huntington Art Center’s ARTWORKS program. ARTWORKS employs unique individuals who believe that a disability should not define what they can accomplish in life. Largely composed of individuals who have different abilities, ARTWORKS provides pre-vocational training and learning opportunities in the areas of digital art and graphic design, along with website design.

This collaboration allowed both organizations to work together to discover the true core essence of the
Lindy Loo Foundation.

For additional information on ARTWORKS, contact Michael Kitakis, Executive Director at the Spirit of Huntington Art Center. The Spirit of Huntington Art Center is a 5013c that ignites the passion of students with special needs and Veterans for creative expression that transforms their lives. Call: (631) 470-9620
or email:

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