Linda Ann Cunningham
- The Heart of the Lindy Loo Organization

In the realm of extraordinary souls, there existed a truly REMARKABLE individual whose presence radiated warmth and joy. It is with great pride and admiration we introduce you to Linda Ann Cunningham, the very embodiment of the Lindy Loo Foundation.

With a heart that overflowed with COMPASSION , Linda touched the lives of all who crossed hers, creating a bond and drawing people to her like a magnet.

She was faced with many medical challenges in her short time here, but her RESILIENT SPIRIT extended beyond her personal life and her self-reliance was an inspiration. Linda embraced her life with a passion and found joy in its simplest pleasures, often reminding us all to find moments of lightness.

Her love for the Mets was legendary, as she cheered on her beloved team with unwavering loyalty but it was always her sense of humor you never forgot as noted in her love of the “Maury Povich Show”.

A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY by nature, Linda was popular among her peers. There were few nights Linda did not have plans. Her greatest joy was music, her love of melodies and lyrics was immeasurable, this passion fueled her participation in various activities including her beloved Drama Club. An avid bowler, she was very proud of her stats on the league, Club 21.

The Lindy Loo Foundation has orchestrated many initiatives that have brought JOY to countless individuals. As you navigate through the Lindy Loo Foundation website, we invite you to witness the incredible IMPACT we have made. Prepare to be moved, INSPIRED and called-to-action as you JOIN HANDS with Linda and her dedicated team to continue to provide these opportunities.


We support programs and initiatives that provide social and vocational opportunities for young adults with special needs to help spread their wings and contribute to their communities.


Through honoring the life of Linda Ann Cunningham, our vision is to sponsor social and vocational pursuits of young adults living with special needs.